SINGAPORE – September 2nd, 2023 — In yet another moment of pride for the dynamic team at 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency Singapore, the agency was honoured with the illustrious ‘Empowering Workplace (SME)’ award during the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Singapore’s grand 50th-anniversary celebration on September 1st.

The award, accepted by Dhawal Shah, Regional Managing Director and co-founder, emphasises the agency’s trailblazing approach to fostering an adaptive and empowering workplace environment. “This recognition truly captures the spirit of 2Stallions – a hub of innovation, inclusivity, and growth,” Dhawal noted.

Notably, 2Stallions digital marketing agency in Singapore has continuously shown its dedication to creating a workplace that empowers its employees, fostering growth and innovation. The agency’s hybrid nature allows for enhanced flexibility, promoting an empowering work-life balance and ensuring that employees can work in an environment where they thrive.

The AmCham accolade is not the only feather in the agency’s cap this year. Olwen van Dijk Hildebrand, 2Stallions’ Head of Content & Social, was recently honoured with Asia’s Woman Leader Award by the Women Leadership Congress Singapore 2023. This comes on the heels of another prestigious recognition, with Geetha Boyani, Head of Performance, receiving the Marketech APAC Empowered Woman Award 2023.

The awards – and more to come – are made possible with 2Stallions digital marketing agency Singapore’s dedication to ensuring the company’s vision and plans to maintain and strengthen its position as a leader in empowering employees. The agency’s steadfast attitude towards an adaptable and flexible approach to work-life balance has given the team members grace when tending to familial and personal matters. 

2Stallions continues to lead the charge in digital marketing, with their commitment to excellence evident in their services and workplace environment. As the agency continues to flourish, it looks forward to celebrating many more milestones and achievements in the years to come.

About 2Stallions:

2Stallions is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore. Since 2012, the agency has expanded its footprint across Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. As a trusted digital partner, 2Stallions has consistently provided award-winning digital solutions to many global clients.