SINGAPORE – June 28, 2023 — In an exciting development, our very own Geetha Boyani, Head of Performance at 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency, has been named as one of the distinguished recipients of the MARKETECH APAC Empowered Women 2023 award. This is a significant recognition of Geetha’s dedication, talent, and leadership in the marketing industry, as well as a celebration of her inspiring journey from Civil Engineering to a top leadership role in marketing.

Reacting to the news, Geetha said, “It has been an incredible honour to receive this recognition. I am filled with gratitude and joy as I take in this moment. It’s a milestone in my career journey.” She viewed the award as a “powerful validation of my ethics, dedication, and hard work,” and a reminder of the importance of giving her utmost to her work, her team, and her own journey.

She attributes her success to the supportive environment and innovative culture at 2Stallions, saying, “Because of the amazing team at 2Stallions! From the directors to my colleagues, they have been extremely supportive of growth and learning. They have shaped the way I envision leadership and never once did I feel that I should stand back as a woman. I also believe the agency’s initiatives, such as streamlining processes and setting clear guidelines to improve productivity, have been instrumental in my win.”

The award is set to be a stepping stone for Geetha and the entire 2Stallions team. “When it comes to women empowerment, I always remember this sentence I heard somewhere in the media – when a woman is successful, she turns back and gives her hand for another woman to succeed. This award shall be a reminder for me to continue advocating for diversity at the workplace and inspire more women to join me in the leadership journey,” she added.

The entire team at 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency is incredibly proud of Geetha’s achievement. It reflects the company’s ethos of empowering its team members, regardless of their gender and cultivating an environment that promotes learning, growth, and achievement.

Please join us in congratulating Geetha on this well-deserved recognition. This is not just an award – it is a celebration of the immense potential and talent that women bring to our industry. We are excited to see what Geetha, and the many empowered women we work with, will achieve next.

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