We are very proud and privileged to announce that we have officially been granted MSC status in Malaysia. 

For a boutique agency like ours to be awarded this status means that we are being recognized for the innovations we bring to the digital space. Aside from being a mark of world-class services and achievements, it opens doors for us to strengthen our relationships with our current Malaysian clients, IMU and PropertyGuru Malaysia, and enhance our presence in the Malaysian digital community. 

“Working with Malaysia clients has shown us that there is a high demand for quality digital support for things like AI-driven advertising as well as for optimization of UI/UX,” says Daniël Heerkens, our Managing Director at 2Stallions, “Malaysia is full of opportunities, and we are looking forward to helping our clients grow their brands and leverage digital to forge stronger connections with their customers in the digital space.” 

The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) programme was established by the Malaysian government in 1996. Its purpose is to stimulate the nation’s digital economy and propel the country forward into the information age. By leveraging digital technologies like Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI), the MSC programme aims to increase productivity, drive innovation, and enhance livelihoods. It’s been very successful, having generated nearly 500 billion MYR (~162 billion SGD) and created over 180,000 jobs since 2018. 

Malaysia continues to emphasise the growth of its digital economy; in May this year, the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, launched the MyDIGITAL blueprint initiative. This new initiative supports existing digitalisation efforts and also takes steps to upgrade network infrastructure to 5G high speed. In the PM’s words, “…one of the key learnings that the world has collectively taken from the pandemic…is that technology has become far more essential than we ever thought it was.”

With this focus on digital economic growth, MDEC – Malaysia’s Digital Economy Corporation,  the government agency overseeing the MSC programme – is very particular about ensuring that MSC status is granted to those companies that will bring a strong, added value to the programme. As a result, the process was justifiably rigorous, and we are grateful for the guidance that MDEC offered throughout it. 

With our regional headquarters in Singapore, 2Stallions has expanded with plans to establish ourselves in Malaysia with a full team, looking to make it our operational HQ. To grow and improve our digital strengths, we are now focusing on the development of AI-advertising infrastructure and strategies and the continued enhancement of digital user experiences (UX) and interfaces (UI). 

“Our experience allows us to track and use the right data, which we know is vital for optimal data-driven decision-making,” Daniël adds, “the objective is always to ensure that our digital advertising campaigns run optimally and generate revenue for our clients. To this end, we are able to work with any type of AI-powered technology and algorithms to best meet our clients’ requirements.”

With our official MSC status, we are keen to help grow the Malaysian digital economy by helping our current and future clients leverage their digital and optimize their customer relations and outreach in the digital space.

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