Company Overview

We deliver digital marketing objectives with expert teams that are dedicated to advance digital performance, from strategy to execution.

Our mission is to be a trusted digital marketing partner and to be recognised by all as a strategic thought leader in the digital space across the world.

We are focused on delivering cutting-edge results our clients deserve by leveraging big ideas, creative thinking, teamwork and always putting our clients first. Our award-winning team is a growing mashup of creatives, coders, leads, and marketing & sales people distributed across Asia!

Together, we are one of the most dynamic digital marketing agencies in the region that delivers high-quality services to our global clientele.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out further details on our “Work With 2Stallions” page for the application process.

2Stallions has different vacancies from time to time, varying from roles like Content Specialists to Digital Strategist or Account Managers. Please check back regularly or follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with our open positions.

This depends on the job opening and the specific role. For example, a more senior role will require a higher level of qualifications and have different requirements from a junior role. For more details, please check the job descriptions.

At 2Stallions we believe in having a fun, productive and collaborative environment. Our hierarchy is fairly flat, not requiring anyone to jump through ‘chain of command’ hoops. We also strongly support a healthy work-life balance, a happy team is a productive team after all!

The interview process at 2Stallions works as follows:

  1. We review your Resume/CV and any accompany materials. If we like what you see, our HR Manager will reach out to you with a few screening questions.
  2. After this, assuming your success, you will be invited to the first round interview. This is usually with the hiring manager, HR manager, and sometimes one other.
  3. If your first interview goes well, you’ll be asked to complete an assignment. This assignment exists to help you showcase your skillset and help us determine if you are what we’re looking for.
  4. If your assignment checked all our boxes, you’ll be invited for a second interview. Usually this one is again with the hiring manager, HR manager, and occasionally another manager from a different department. Depending on the role, this interview is also sometimes held with the Managing Director.
  5. Depending on your success in the interviews and assignment, you will be issued an offer letter.

Note that sometimes, in rare circumstances, there may be a third interview round. This usually happens if there are excellent candidates that are difficult to choose between.

Regardless of the outcome of your interviews and assignment, our HR manager will let you know whether you have been successful or not.

Join us as we gallop fearlessly into the digital future, together.