Dominate Google With Video: Guide To Rank With YouTube Videos On Google

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Google’s core business is continuously improving its algorithms to predict and rank the most relevant organic search results to show to you. Today, it has grown to a mega-sized corporation that includes YouTube, which it paid $1.4 billion for in 2006. As of April 2017, YouTube is the second most popular site in the world according [...]

Creating Email Templates For MailChimps

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Email marketing is not dead. In the past, the focus of email marketing was coming up with attractive (and sometimes misleading) headlines in the hopes of grabbing someone’s attention. While the headline is still important, marketers have evolved to make emails more noticeable. Text based emails a requirement as they are best for those with slow [...]

Creating A Marketing Strategy For Asia’s Booming Mobile Users

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There is no way of stopping the mobile revolution that is currently happening in our world. More people prefer using their mobile devices to surf the internet than the Desktop PC. This is most likely due to the convenience and also the growing sizes of our mobile phones. Think about it, there are probably even times [...]

8 Kick-Ass Copywriting Techniques To Boost Small Businesses

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Many companies now accept that an online presence is an absolute necessity to achieving success for their business and simply getting your brand out on the Internet will unlock numerous opportunities for your business! And these companies would be… wrong! Despite the fact that it is easier today to reach multitudes of potential customers over the [...]

Creative Agency Vs. Digital Agency – What Are The Major Differences?

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Design has been at the forefront of advertising for as long as the latter has been in existence. Whether it is a strong logo, striking headline, or eye-popping colours, design is one of the most important aspects of ads. It is no wonder that in today’s advertising climate, where the competition is getting fiercer and tougher, [...]

Out Of Home Advertising Vs Digital Advertising – Choosing The Right One

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No matter how companies do it, advertising remains one of the most important aspects of a business. However, advertising has evolved so much over the past decades that it has become nearly impossible for businesses to keep up. From simple flyers to giant billboards to taking your ads into the online realm, advertising continues to grow [...]

Why Big Brands Rely On Marketing Automation To Do The Heavy Lifting

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Multinational corporations (MNC’s) frequently face a difficult and seemingly insurmountable task. When their marketing efforts, both offline and online, work so well that they are continuously getting new leads. The obvious problem is how they will keep up with the demand regarding production. However, what people don’t see is the problem that MNC’s are facing – [...]

Why Companies Are Shifting To Omnichannel Marketing And Why You Should Too

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The ever evolving digital age has created new ways for consumers to purchase from various businesses. Before this, when customers learned of a product or service, they would have to go to a physical store to buy what they wanted. The old way of doing it was a potential customer stepping into a big retailer to choose from the [...]

How To Drive Website Traffic Using Social Media

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Do you already dabble in digital marketing? Chances are you have probably created your company’s social media profiles. This is a no-brainer, as social media platforms have exploded in recent years. According to Smart Insights, in 2017, there are already 2.789 Billion active social media users worldwide, so it is important to ‘book’ your vanity URLs [...]

Future Proof Your Business By Using These 6 Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

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Ever since man began selling his wares, the art of persuasion was never far behind. Marketing has always been at the heart of commerce, but it was in the Industrial Revolution where things really took off. The introduction of mass production heralded the need for more sophisticated methods to inform consumers about the new products being created. Thus [...]