In the digital realm where code and creativity intersect, Jasmine is a beacon of transformative prowess. A software engineer-turned-marketing maven, she represents the harmony of logic and artistry, embarking on a journey that most wouldn’t dare tread.

From translating algorithms into user stories to envisioning a world where SaaS grows under the shade of sustainability, Jasmine’s tale is a testament to relentless evolution.

Whether it’s her innovative thinking, aimed at promoting and expanding the adoption of AMP, or her unwavering enthusiasm in urging marketers to harness the potential of AI, Jasmine consistently demonstrates a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of marketing technology.

Her story isn’t just about clicks, conversions, or cloud solutions. It’s about bridging worlds, fostering innovation, and inspiring an industry to adapt and thrive. And today, we dive deep into that story.

Join us as we venture into Jasmine’s world, unravelling the tapestry of her experiences and gaining insights into the SaaS cosmos through her eyes.

Hi, Jasmine, thank you for joining us in our Marketing Expert Series. Let’s kick off with a little context, can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get to where you are now?

Following almost two years as a software engineer, I yearned for a role that was more strategic yet creative.

Marketing, with its fusion of technology and storytelling, emerged as the logical next step for me. I was particularly drawn to growth and product marketing as it leverages my technical background with the art of crafting narratives.

This journey enables me to bridge the gap between technology and communication by fostering innovation and effectively conveying the value of products. In marketing, I’ve discovered a dynamic realm that consistently challenges me to acquire new knowledge and adapt.

Currently, you’re the Assistant Manager for Product Marketing at Netcore Cloud. Please tell us about the work you do.

In my current role, I oversee a critical array of responsibilities aimed at driving effective marketing campaigns. I focus on creating compelling email campaigns, crafting engaging social media posts, developing thought leadership content, and scripting impactful videos.

Throughout my 4 years of hands-on experience, I have honed my expertise in various domains, including email marketing, lead generation, webinars and events, podcasting, SEO optimisation, go-to-market strategies, content creation, and evangelism, among others.

My unwavering passion for communication is at the core of my work, and it serves as the driving force behind my marketing initiatives that captivate and convert effectively.

My overarching goal is to contribute to the martech community’s growth and success. I strive to provide valuable insights and offer glimpses of real-life marketing success stories. By doing so, I aim to empower martech professionals to excel in their endeavours, armed with the knowledge and inspiration they need to make a significant impact.

How has the SaaS industry changed in recent years? How has Netcore Cloud evolved?

The SaaS industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, and Netcore Cloud has adapted to these changes by constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve. Here’s an overview:

  1. Shift towards cloud-based solutions: The SaaS industry has seen a continued shift away from on-premises software to cloud-based solutions. Netcore Cloud has embraced this trend by offering cloud-native marketing and customer engagement solutions that provide scalability, flexibility, security, and accessibility from anywhere.
  2. Personalisation and AI: Personalisation and artificial intelligence have become central to SaaS offerings. Netcore Cloud has incorporated AI-driven personalisation features into its products, allowing businesses to deliver highly tailored content to their customers dynamically.
  3. Integration and ecosystems: SaaS platforms are increasingly focusing on integrations with other software to create seamless workflows. Netcore Cloud has expanded its integrations and partner ecosystem to provide a comprehensive, omnichannel marketing technology stack.

Can you tell us about some of the most effective product marketing strategies that you’ve implemented in recent years? Is there a strategy or campaign you’re most proud of?

Here are a few of the strategies that I have implemented in recent years:

  • Webinars and events: Hosting webinars and virtual events engages our audience, showcases our product’s capabilities, and provides educational content.
  • Thought leadership content: Establishing the brand as an authority in its field. When prospects see a brand consistently sharing valuable insights and expertise, it builds credibility.
  • Content distribution: I also believe in spreading the reach of the content (in various formats) on different stages. I use Quora, Medium, related communities, LinkedIn groups etc. apart from sharing it with our sales and ABM teams.

The one campaign that stands out and that I’m particularly proud of my team for pulling off was the “No Redirects November” campaign for AMP emails. It was an impressive line-up of 22 videos which were promoted within the span of one month.

The primary goal of this campaign was to successfully educate about a new product feature (AMP in emails) and drive user adoption.

To give you a context about the technology, AMP brings about 80% of the web and app-like features within emails. This enhances user engagement and interactivity. Since every user interaction happens inside the email, there are no redirects to websites or forms. Result, user drop-offs, also known as lead leakages, get eliminated.

Here’s how the campaign was executed and its salient outcomes:

  • Content creation: The team created a series of industry-specific videos highlighting different use cases of AMP in emails. These videos showcased how brands could utilise AMP for multiple actions such as conducting surveys, and feedback, implementing gamification elements, addressing cart abandonment, providing live calculators, flight and hotel search/booking, product catalog and more – all happening right inside the email.
  • Platform: LinkedIn was chosen as the platform for the campaign due to its professional network and suitability for B2B marketing.
  • Customer engagement: Customer-facing teams within Netcore actively engaged with customers and prospects by tagging them in relevant LinkedIn posts. This personalised approach generated a huge interest and initiated several lead conversations.


  • Lead generation: The campaign successfully generated a significant number of leads. This indicated a strong interest among brands in exploring AMP in their email marketing efforts.
    Increased awareness: By showcasing real-world use cases through videos and engaging content, the campaign effectively increased awareness about the potential of AMP technology.
    Positive adoption: The positive response from brands indicated that they not only understood the benefits but were also willing to adopt AMP in emails as a valuable marketing tool.

In your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges facing marketers in the SaaS industry today?

Some of the biggest challenges in my opinion are:

  1. Market saturation: The SaaS market is becoming increasingly crowded, making it challenging for new entrants to gain visibility and market share. Established players must continuously differentiate themselves with innovations to stay competitive.
  2. Customer retention: As competition grows, retaining existing customers becomes crucial. Marketers need to focus on customer success, product adoption, and long-term relationships to reduce churn.
  3. Content saturation: The abundance of content makes it challenging to cut through the noise. Marketers must create thought leadership content with a fresh perspective that excites their target audience.
  4. Partner ecosystems: Building and managing partner ecosystems to extend product reach and integrations can be a challenge. Marketers must choose and collaborate effectively with partners keeping the client/end-user benefits in mind.

Where do you see the SaaS sector heading in the next five to ten years? And Martech specifically?

The SaaS sector, including Martech (Marketing Technology), is poised for significant transformation and growth over the next five to ten years. Here are some key trends and directions we can anticipate:

  • Sustainable SaaS: Sustainability concerns will influence SaaS product development, with a focus on reducing carbon footprints and energy consumption. SaaS providers will work toward sustainable practices and offer eco-friendly solutions.
  • Content automation: Content creation and distribution will become more automated. AI-powered tools will assist in generating written, visual, and video content, and optimising content strategies at scale.

Marketing in the metaverse: As the metaverse develops, Martech will explore ways to engage with audiences in a unified manner, endeavouring to offer a brand-consistent experience across virtual platforms.

Where do you stand on the advancement of AI in the digital sphere?

The ongoing advancement of AI in the digital sphere has undeniably made a profound impact. One of the most notable effects is its ability to facilitate the creation of highly targeted and relevant content. Thanks to predictive analytics, brands can now predict which individuals are likely to make a purchase, often within a remarkably precise time frame, such as the next 15 days. This invaluable information allows marketers to allocate their resources and efforts more prominently toward potential customers.

Moreover, AI empowers marketers to reach their audience where they are most active and engaged, whether it’s on a particular social media platform or through a preferred communication channel. The use of AI-driven recommendation engines and data intelligence has been a game-changer. Marketers understand their audience better and craft more meaningful conversations that lead to conversions.

AI’s integration into the digital landscape is revolutionising how brands connect with their customers. It enables more precise targeting, enhanced communication, and, most importantly, the delivery of content and offers that truly resonate with the audience. This, in turn, is driving better results and fostering stronger relationships between brands and their customers.

What is it that motivates you, personally and professionally? Any words to live by?

What motivates me personally is a passion for my work, and professionally it would be career advancement.
As for the words to live by, I will quote Joe Chernov: “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

Any advice you’d give to aspiring marketers looking to dive into the SaaS sector?

Here are my 3 pointers:

  1. Get to know your SaaS product inside out. Understand its features, benefits, and how it solves customers’ pain points. The better you understand the product, the more effectively you can market it.
  2. Attend industry events, conferences, and webinars to network with professionals in the SaaS sector. Building relationships can lead to valuable partnerships and insights.
  3. Address attention recession by prioritising content quality, relevance, personalisation, and customer behaviour.

It’s been great to learn more about you and your work, Jasmine, thank you for sharing your experience and insights with us. How can people connect with you if they’d like to know more about you or Netcore Cloud?

It was great to share my thoughts and have the conversation. Thanks!

I am available on Linkedin or email.

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