What is a quality score?

Have you wondered what affects the cost of your paid ads? Are you frustrated to be paying more than you intended for your ads? Well, it is time to understand what a quality score is and how it affects the performance and cost of your ads.

Similar to how websites are ranked on a Google results page, Google paid ads are ranked as well and quality score is an important factor that affects an ad rank.

Quality score is an estimate of how relevant your ads are to the person viewing it. It is calculated on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the best-performing score.

Google then uses the quality score to determine the importance of your ad to a consumer. Scoring higher on the scale means Google deems your ad and landing pages highly relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad.

How is the quality score of your ads determined?

The quality score of an ad relies on many factors but the 3 most important and critical factors are as follow:

  • Expected Click Through Rate (CTR): A predicted ratio, indicating how often your ad is noticed and clicked by a consumer
  • Landing Page Experience: Measured by how fast the page loads, how easy it is to navigate as well as the overall relevance of the site to the consumer
  • Ad Relevance: The level at which your advertisement matches a user’s search query and intention (otherwise known as keyword match)

Why is Google quality score important?

A high-quality score improves your ad rank in the ad auction

Advertisers care a lot about their quality score because it is one of 3 deciding criteria for an ad rank in the ad auction.

Advertisers with the highest CPC bid will not necessarily be on the top of search results. An ad rank depends on the combination of the rating scores of your CPC, quality score and expected impact from your ad extensions.

Only when the combined score is high, will an advertiser attain a higher ad rank, leading to lower CPC and better ad positions.

Watch the video below to have a better understanding of how an ad auction works to determine ad ranks, ad positions and bid cost.
How an Ad Auction works

A good quality score allows you to maximize ROI at a lower cost 

Too often, Google Ads can become a money pit with cost per click (CPC) as businesses go into the auction thinking a higher CPC bid will guarantee them better ad rank and ad positions.  However, the best way to improve your ad position is through your Google Ads Quality Score.

Securing a high-quality score is a crucial step to attain a higher ad rank, which will in turn promise a better ad position. You may even end up paying a CPC amount lower than what you bid for initially, but still attain better ad ranks and ad positions than your competitors at the end.

With a better ad position, your business’ ads would have greater visibility on a Google search results page. The increased visibility increases your chances of getting higher CTRs. Your ad ends up performing better, leading to more conversions, while saving you a lot on advertising cost.

Wrapping Up

Google checks back on websites regularly which may change your quality score. Companies may think their ads are doing well when really, their score is susceptible to changes that will affect the performance of the ads. Only by monitoring your keywords, scores, and Google’s algorithm changes, will you have a better chance of staying on top of things.

So, it is important to maintain your quality score. Google also looks at the history of your score over time. The performance of your past ad campaigns will also affect the score of your future ads. Even if you rank high now, you’ve got to maintain that score once you achieve it.

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