SINGAPORE – [Date] — 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency is excited to introduce our Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Solutions. In partnership with the Singapore government, this initiative aims to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through vital financial support for embracing cutting-edge IT solutions.

“We’re driven by the belief that digital transformation should be accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size,” states 2Stallions’ Co-founder and Regional Managing Director, Dhawal Shah, “2Stallions is committed to empowering Singaporean SMEs to harness cutting-edge IT solutions.”

A report in January 2023 notes 5.81 million internet users in Singapore, which increased by 38 thousand between 2022-2023. The internet penetration rate of 96.9% bolstered the Singapore Government’s Industry Digital Plans (IDPs), which seek to equip SMEs with the necessary tools, skillset and financial resources to tap into the digital market growth.

About The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) 

PSG was launched in April 2018 to administer SMEs with technology by providing financial support for businesses to adopt pre-scoped IT solutions, equipment and consultancy services to improve productivity, offering 50%  funding support for eligible SMEs.

The PSG aligns with the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) unveiled by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat at the 2022 Asia-Pacific trade event, with $4.5 billion allocated to tackle issues within 23 industries through the Industry Transformation Programme (ITP) roadmaps. 

Per the PSG procedures, businesses are to undergo an initial consultation with the chosen agency for a comprehensive briefing and apply on the Business Grant Portal (BGP) alongside the quotation. Upon approval, clients will receive the Letter of Offer from BGP and the initial invoice and contract from the agency.

2Stallions Tailored Packages to Elevate Your Brand:

2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency Singapore is a pre-approved vendor for the Productivity Solutions Grant, which allows you to receive up to 50% subsidy on the following packages:

Brand Boost Pro [3 Months]

Social Media Marketing & Advertising + Photography/Videography:

Focusing on B2C and B2B companies, we provide Social Media Marketing and Advertising solutions alongside Photography and Videography. Brand Boost Pro aims to fortify the business’s relationship with its target audience across lucrative social media platforms. 

Throughout 3-months, businesses can expect a meticulously planned approach that centres on KPI-driven strategies, resulting in a significant increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Investment) and a remarkable 20% conversion boost. 

Capture Pro [3 Months]

SEO + Content & Social Media Marketing + Photography:

Tailored for both B2C and B2B companies, Package B encompasses comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies, Content and Social Media Marketing, and Photography. Capture Pro is dedicated to elevating the brand’s online presence, focusing strongly on Google Search Engine Optimisation. 

Over the span of 3-months, Package B recalibrates the brand’s visibility to appear in the top 10 on the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) by creating and strategically sharing quality content across various social media platforms. Businesses can anticipate a 20% increase in leads.

Content Amplify Pro [6 Months]

SEO + Content Marketing (Inclusive of blog visual creations)

The Content Aplify Pro package is exclusive to B2B and B2C companies, deploying Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing strategies. Brands can establish themselves as thought leaders through monthly high-quality content blog posts. Content is further optimised with attractive and shareable visuals.

In 6 months, the Content Amplify Pro package aims to supercharge businesses with SEO, targeting the highly sought-after ranking in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) through resourceful, search engine-optimised content. 

Conversion Catalyst Pro [6 Months]

Social Media Advertising + SEM (Inclusive of landing page development)

For businesses that are looking to focus primarily on generating high-quality leads, Conversion Catalyst Pro is designed to maximise conversion. The Conversion Catalyst Pro package utilises Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and the development of lead landing pages. 

This package aims to boost businesses’ lead-generation efforts significantly. By crafting compelling and conversion-optimised ad campaigns to target the audience strategically, this package has the potential to result in a remarkable up to 30% surge in lead generation.

Search Domination Pro [6 Months]

SEO + SEM (Inclusive of landing page development)

As the name implies, Search Domination Pro enriches the brand’s presence on the Google Search Engine through tailored Search Engine Optimisation solutions and Search Engine Marketing that comprise landing page development.

Brands will dominate the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) through comprehensive and rigorous SEO audits and implementation. Our performance marketing team expertly posit high-intensity search domination strategies to increase keyword ranking, organic traffic growth and Click-Through Rate (CTR.) 

2Stallions stands at the forefront of digital transformation, aiming to provide businesses with the tools to navigate and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Why 2Stallions?

2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency Singapore is the leading digital marketing agency in the APAC region, delivering results-driven online marketing solutions. With a focus on strategies that deliver tangible results, 2Stallions helps businesses increase their online presence, drive qualified traffic, and achieve higher conversions. 

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including digital marketing strategy, website design and development, search engine optimisation, content marketing, and social media marketing. 2Stallions has a proven track record of delivering successful digital marketing campaigns for clients across various industries.

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