We want to alert you to a concerning issue involving our company, 2Stallions. We’ve become aware that individuals are attempting to deceive others by impersonating 2Stallions for fraudulent purposes.

These scammers falsely claim to represent our company while engaging in activities like promoting crypto investments and offering job opportunities with false promises of easy money.

2Stallions is not involved in any deceitful practices. Our business is registered and operates with honesty and integrity. We have taken immediate action by reporting this matter to the authorities.

Should you encounter anyone posing as representatives of 2Stallions, offering crypto investment opportunities or enticing job offers through platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, or others, please exercise caution.

If you receive any suspicious text messages, emails, or instant messages related to 2Stallions, please get in touch with us at +603 2935 9968 or to report these incidents. Your cooperation is highly appreciated in maintaining a secure environment for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and remain vigilant!

From 2Stallions Management

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