Two years after he stepped away from the role, Dhawal Shah, co-founder of 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency, has resumed the role of Regional Managing Director. He takes over from Daniël Heerkens, who leaves to pursue opportunities outside the Agency.

“Daniël has been with us the last six years,” says co-founder Dhawal, “and has been a big part of our growth and expansion into a regional agency. Over the last two years, Daniël’s leadership held 2Stallions steady as the world came to terms with the pandemic. We wish him the best in his next adventure.”

During his time away from the MD role, Dhawal joined a startup accelerator as Limited Partner – investing in, mentoring, and advising startups in the technology sector across APAC, and additionally, he has trained thousands of marketers in data-driven digital marketing focused on analytics.

“The digital acceleration happening globally is unbelievable,” says Dhawal, “and it is important that our clients should be able to trust in us to introduce them to newer approaches to marketing that drive growth.”

Dhawal is establishing a stronger ‘growth culture’ within the Agency, aimed at building better and longer-lasting relationships with clients, partners and agency team members. With him at the helm, the Agency and its clients will benefit from his advanced experience and expertise in technology and digital marketing.

Coding and building websites since childhood, Dhawal started his career in Silicon Valley. He founded 2Stallions in 2012 after Razy Shah (no relation) approached him with the concept of a digital agency. Since then, 2Stallions has always been on the forefront of digital services. The Agency offers its clients bespoke, highly-tailored digital marketing, creative, and development solutions based on their needs.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably changed the way in which the world navigates and uses digital technologies, its impact on the environment and communities has affected the 2Stallions team on a more profound level. As a result, the Agency is looking to support projects that help alleviate this impact throughout Southeast Asia.

“We’re entering a new chapter,” Dhawal explains, “one where we need to think bigger and broader, but also sharper and more efficiently. A lot has changed in the last two years, and it’s important that those of us in the digital space change with it, especially when we are charged with helping other companies do the same.”

2Stallions has worked with multinational clients throughout APAC, as well as from the US and Europe, over the years. They have a physical presence in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and India.

With its headquarters in Singapore, and now, with its MSC Status and continued expansion into Malaysia as an operational hub, 2Stallions is off to a strong start for 2022 and will continue to serve its clients and partners in the digital space.

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