2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency is pleased to announce that we will be supporting Singaporean Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) in their digitalisation efforts as a Pre-Approved Digital Marketing Solutions Vendor for the Digi-TAC programme.

The Digitalisation of TACs Programme (Digi-TAC) was launched by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and SGTech in a joint effort to help TACs grow their businesses through digital activities.

“The future of business is digital,” Dhawal Shah, co-founder and Regional Managing Director of 2Stallions said, “and it’s important that we as a digital marketing agency are doing everything we can to help businesses of all kinds step into that digital space. This is why being able to support TACs as a Digi-TAC Pre-Approved Digital Marketing Solutions Vendor means a lot, to us and to the TACs we are here to support.”

Digitalisation has been at the forefront of business growth for more than a decade now. In fact, studies show that Internet user growth alone has risen by a factor of 2.27 over the past decade. Basically, more and more target customer audiences are going online, and businesses have to follow to stay in touch with them.

As an added advantage, the digitalisation of marketing initiatives allows for real-time data analysis. 

2Stallions Head of Performance, Geetha Boyani, elaborates: “Digitalisation has improved efficiency and productivity for all kinds of businesses. Data-driven digital marketing, in particular, has brought organisations and their target audience together through value exchange and personalised user experiences.”

In essence, the result of digitalisation is a better understanding of customer behaviour, leading to vast improvements in user interfaces and experiences on websites and other digital platforms.

Digital marketing solutions can help businesses of all kinds stay ahead of the changing digital environment and help them leverage useful tools like Search Engines and Social Media platforms.

About the Digi-Tac Programme 

The great thing about the Digi-TAC Programme is that it supports TACs in two distinct ways:

1. The adoption and integration of digital solutions to help TACs grow
2. The training of TAC teams to help TACs move forward in the digital space

In other words, not only does it create opportunities for TACs to use digital marketing solutions, but the Digi-TAC programme also provides training opportunities to consolidate the benefits of those solutions in that industry.

Supported by Enterprise Singapore, eligible TACs can apply for support and grant funding until 31st July 2025.

The grant amount for each TACs is $60,000 (SG) for the 3-year programme with a cap of $30,000 per year. In addition, 70% of support for qualifying costs is granted to TACs to help them get started.

If you want to check whether your TAC is eligible, visit the SBF website

2Stallions Digi-TAC Digital Marketing Solutions Packages

Package A – Search Engine Optimization + Social Media Advertising (3 months)

Benefit to TAC: Rank higher on search and grow your membership/event registrations

Our 3-month package combines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Advertising (SMA) to deliver results. 

With SEO, we’ll help you improve your ranking and attract more visitors through search engines. And with SMA, we’ll deliver targeted ads directly to your audience, increasing conversions and driving growth. This package has the potential to increase your organic traffic and expand your social media reach. 

Package B – SEO with content creation (12 months)

Benefit to TAC: Get more visitors to your website pages through search

Our 12-month package combines SEO with high-quality content creation to deliver powerful results. 

With SEO, we’ll help you rank higher on search engines and attract your target audience. And with our expertly crafted blog articles and infographics, we’ll help you engage and educate your audience, generating more leads and driving traffic. This package has the potential to increase your organic and referral traffic making it a smart investment for any TAC.

Package C – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with landing page development

Benefit to TAC: Drive membership growth, event registrations and awareness with Google Ads

Our SEM package includes targeted Search Ads and professional landing page development to deliver results. This can drive membership growth, build awareness or drive registration for TAC events. With our expert team handling your campaign, you can expect highly qualified leads and an increase in website traffic. This package is ideal for TACs looking to take their online presence to the next level and generate measurable results.

Package D – LinkedIn Marketing 

Benefit to TAC: Build quality followers and thought leadership on LinkedIn

Our LinkedIn marketing package is designed to help you to create a monthly content calendar featuring 12 engaging posts that showcase your TAC and its activities. 

We’ll create and publish high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. The package includes high-quality photos and video creation that will be used in your LinkedIn posts. This package has the potential to increase your social media reach. 

Package E – Marketing Automation

Benefit to TAC: Leverage on automation such as membership renewal automation

This marketing automation package is designed to help you streamline your digital marketing efforts and improve engagement with your audience. 

We will recommend processes for automation and create up to 3 customer nurture sequences to drive activation and engagement e.g. include event registration automation and membership renewal automation. By automating emails, social media posts, and other marketing efforts, you’ll save time and do more with a small team. 

Our expert team will handle the setup and execution of your automated campaign, you can expect increased ROI through lead nurturing and a better overall customer experience.


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