Requirements Gathering

It is crucial to get the foundation right before embarking on any project, and nailing the requirements gathering is the first step.
  • All your major stakeholders on the same page
  • A macro perspective that brings the company together
  • A proven blueprint to success
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Our Process

Business Goals & Objectives

We do one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders in the company to determine the business goals for different departments.

Business Requirements

We further refine the business goals and requirements with the major stakeholders via a group interview and utilizing the KJ method. We then get the views of the remaining stakeholders (those involved in selling or using the end product) and do usability testing on any existing products. We also look at past product data if available to find any gaps and finally, conduct an online survey to identify knowledge gaps in product usage.

System Requirements

We do an analysis of all the data we have collected from the first 2 steps of the process and then use that to define the product and create use cases for it, i.e. we start with business language from our interactions with your team and convert it into a solution language that can be used for implementation.

The KJ Method

Why The KJ Method?

It is a mechanism for collecting and organizing facts relevant to a problem, making it useful for facilitating group problem solving efforts. It can be used to determine factors that underlie an issue, and allows groups to reach a consensus on priorities of subjective, qualitative data. It was named after its inventor, Jiro Kawakita.

KJ Diagrams

What is their purpose?

  • Unearth facts relevant to a problem
  • Build common understanding of a problem
  • Understand the causal structure to a problem

It is most suitable for

  • Multi-faceted problems
  • Problems involving disparate interests and perspectives

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The KJ Process

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