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Raj Shah realised that children just weren’t getting excited about learning math so he decided to do something about it. He founded MathPlus Academy in 2009, a tuition agency focused on math, science, and technology.

“Math Plus Academy is a place where kids can come and really learn to enjoy mathematics. They can learn better ways to solve a problem.” – Raj Shah

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Problems Faced By Raj At His Tuition Agency

  1. Overspending on advertising to broadcast a message to an audience Raj is not sure that cared.
  2. Unable to educate customers about new products as tuition centre expanded.
  3. Customers unable to easily make a purchase online as the tuition agency expanded.
  4. Too much time spent on day-to-day tasks of running the business and not enough time developing educational programs.
  5. Using messy excel spreadsheets to manage contacts.
  6. Allowing email inquiries to go unanswered from leads and customers, thus losing business.

Results Of Using Marketing Automation

  1. More efficient running of the business and more time spent on teaching math to children.
  2. One-dimensional spreadsheets replaced with a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system, which could store everything from a contact’s interests to their purchase history.
  3. Time spent on billing dropped from 20 hours a week to less than three.
  4. Integrated e-commerce module allows Raj to easily sell his courses and camps online.
  5. The love of math has spread far and wide among Raj’s customer base.

“Now we use it for everything. It’s totally revolutionized how we do things.” – Raj on Infusionsoft

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