8 Kick-Ass Copywriting Techniques To Boost Small Businesses

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Many companies now accept that an online presence is an absolute necessity to achieving success for their business and simply getting your brand out on the Internet will unlock numerous opportunities for your business! And these companies would be… wrong! Despite the fact that it is easier today to reach multitudes of potential customers over the [...]

Why Helping Others Drives Our Success

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In the last quarter of 2016, my business partner said to me, “Do you like to read business books?” I told him, “I don’t mind, but I’m more of an article and video guy.” He then replied, “That’s fine, but you have to read this book written by an American professor at Wharton.” I replied, “You [...]

21 Reasons Your Business Should Start Blogging

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Blogging is a term that is frequently brought up online. As a business owner, you may not think it is important. You probably even think it's just an online lingo. But a ‘blog’ is something you need to be familiar with for the sake of your business. In fact, you’re probably thinking – “I already have [...]

Resources for The Media Challenge 2014

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List of resources shared during our talk for The Media Challenge 2014: Art of Style - Fashion For The Everyday Man - Reference Are You Blogging Effectively? - Slides Google Keyword Planner - Tool Workflowy - Tool Content Scheduler - Wordpress Plugin Disqus - Tool Disqus Comment System - Wordpress Plugin Wordpress SEO - Wordpress Plugin [...]