To the non-technical-savvy among us, the world of web development and system maintenance can be alien and daunting. The truth is, that without it, the Internet and its many applications and facets would be an unnavigable palace of chaos. The technology that provides us with the connectivity we take for granted requires care and maintenance – whether it’s a website, a server, a social network, or any other aspect of the Internet of Things. 

To help bring sense and order to the chaos we would otherwise be wallowing in, are individuals like Krupa Vasava, one of 2Stallions’ Web Maintenance and Development Specialists who have an affinity for all things ‘dev’. In this issue our #2STeamStories, Krupa takes us through the whirlwind of her daily life at the agency.

Meet Krupa!

Hi everyone! My name is Krupa!

I graduated from Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, India in 2014 and my major was Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. In 2018, I joined 2Stallions as a Junior Web Developer. Right now, I am a Web Maintenance & Development Specialist. 

This means I work on different projects on maintenance for the development and server sides, I also work on website hosting and systems and work on security reports. It’s also my job to help the client with any queries from their side about anything in their contract – especially if it has to do with maintaining their website.

Personally, I’m really interested in the general information technology field, web development, and cyber security and digital marketing. My biggest passion is learning about software and technology. Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated with computers, which is why I decided to study Computer Science in college and I’ve continued in that direction since graduating. It’s been a great choice for me! As a developer, I get to shape how the Internet is progressing and how websites are evolving, and that’s exciting to me.

What goes on in the day-to-day job as a Web Maintenance & Development Specialist?

Well, as my job title suggests,  I work  on different projects for development and maintenance. To give you an idea of what that means, here’s the list of some of the steps and tasks I regularly do:

  • Running through starter security checklist (WebArx)
  • Update security plugins (WebArx) for website
  • Setting up backups
  • On Maintenance site, Dropbox
  • Setting up Dropbox optimization schedule
  • Setup cron jobs (if required)
  • Optimization of database/tables
  • Setting up firewall/malware scan/brute force attack prevention
  • Maintenance (eCommerce or WordPress or PHP Application)
  • Set up a staging server or a local server
  • Take existing live site backup and deploy on staging/local
  • WordPress Core SECURITY updates
  • Theme or Plugin SECURITY update
  • Take a backup of final working site on local/staging
  • Deploy on live (minimize downtime) 
  • Generate reports from WebArx once every month and share with the customer.
  • Development of websites
  • Work on CSS stuff for adding feature on existing website
  • Migration of server
  • Server management

Why do you think Web Maintenance & Development Specialists are important for businesses these days?

As you can see from our checklist, website maintenance should be a consistent part of your business. It grows on itself, and if not correctly implemented, can cause some serious problems and setbacks to your potential growth and business health. 

Staying on top of website health takes awareness and organization. This is particularly the case for a large site with hundreds (or even thousands) of pages. With the introduction of new tools to make website building easier, website sizes are growing each year. While it’s easy to add pages to most websites, it’s not as easy to keep all of your pages in a good state. 

All that to say: stay on top of your website maintenance!

Many new businesses already have a lot on their plates without worrying about constantly checking in on their website. It’s tempting to buy a domain name, throw up something temporary, and just worry about it later, but there are many reasons why this is not a good idea. Maintaining a current, healthy, and active website is important for a whole number of reasons.

Do you have any advice for fresh graduates who are currently looking for jobs and are open to exploring different career paths? 

There are lots of technologies coming out in the world of development, but if anyone wants to gain some knowledge about new things and new skills then a job as a Web Maintenance & Development Specialist is a good one. 

Another thing that’s important to me is that this role allows me to not only play with data, but also present my findings and suggestions directly to clients. That is really refreshing! I’m always very motivated by being able to see the impact of my work on other people.

What challenges do you face as a Web Maintenance & Development Specialist? 

The main challenges that come when you are working on development of a website while juggling client queries about adding some features or bug fixes. 

The biggest thing is that you always need to be ready in case sudden issues come from the server side and/or a website goes down. If a website system suddenly fails, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Websites are core parts of businesses, especially if they are ecommerce systems that directly connect clients to their customers; you really can’t afford to let a website be out of order for any longer than absolutely necessary. 

It’s also really important to be aware about all domain renewals as well as SSL certifications. You also need to monitor security vulnerabilities in websites and frameworks across all the systems and websites in your care.

Since I have to handle multiple tasks on days, it can sometimes be a little tough to handle. I’ve learned that I can overcome most challenges by relaxing myself by always listening to music, or going for walks, regularly working out and doing yoga.

Where do you get your motivation from for your day-to-day tasks? Do you have any special sources of inspiration or drive?

In a nutshell, I love:

  • learning new things
  • acquiring new skills
  • meeting deadlines, goals and targets
  • improving processes, finding ways to solving problems
  • overcoming challenges

Effort recognition is what motivates me to do a good job. It’s very important for me to be recognized for my work, to get the deserved applause or mention that I feel I have earned. This may sound silly, but it really helps me keep my eye on the ball. It not only keeps me energized but also on my toes to keep putting in all my effort. 

In my previous job, I was a backend Developer. The team achieved significant sales growth by designing a new product. I was awarded the best idea distinction for helping them out. That kind of recognition is more satisfying than any kind of monetary compensation. Appreciation of work gives me the required kick to give more than a 100%. There is a need to perform to achieve success. This is especially when I am being monitored. Even if it is a small mail or message from my boss or senior, it matters a lot. It is highly motivating to know that someone requires your input in essential matters and that your recommendations will be implemented.

Is it true that an agency life is work without play? Tell us a little bit more about the culture at 2Stallions.

Sometimes when you are handling multiple projects, it can get pretty time-consuming. However, agency life is really not work without play. At 2Stallions, we encourage everyone to work hard and play hard! We have a relatively young team, so it can be pretty fun in the office at times!

Our agency also emphasises the well-being of its employees. That is why we have regular video calls to catch up with one another, to ensure everyone is coping well with the current situation. I’m grateful for my supportive colleagues who’re always ready to help whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed at work. When things get tough, I know that I will always have my team to fall back on.

Wrapping Up 

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