Does Speed Really Matter? A Comprehensive Guide To Make WordPress Faster

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Let’s start by traveling back to a time when Google and Yahoo! were still evenly matched. Imagine Google’s clean homepage were to take 10 seconds to load, while the Yahoo! homepage loaded in 2 seconds. Do you think Google would be the top search engine in the world today? Speed matters - you have 8.25 seconds [...]

3 Ways To Self-Learn Content Marketing

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Have you had a conversation with your digital marketing agency about content marketing lately? You probably encountered topics you do not quite understand. Sure, you understand that content marketing is important for your digital strategy, but how much do you really know? When it comes to content marketing, you have to research your audience, create an [...]

Need Your Website Ranking To Get Higher? Here Are 5 Ways To Increase It Fast

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With all the massive changes in the digital landscape over the past few years, you might be tempted to think that SEO is a thing of the past. However, SEO remains one of the most potent online marketing strategies around. SEO has been evolving with every Google update to their search engine, but the desired results [...]

Localize Your Website To Increase Regional Presence In The Asian Market

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Did you know that most website visitors prefer information to be in their native tongue? Having lived in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and now Singapore. I have seen many users seek localized websites despite their fluency in English. Clearly, explicitly localized sites like SG, ID or MY, have the upper hand compared to generalized or international website [...]

Online Business Strategy – What You Must Know

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You just started a consumer-facing business (Congratulations!) and you’ve heard the Internet is a great way to gain traction and get the masses flocking to your place of business. Without any online business strategy, though, you are likely to jump into the following scenario: You decide to start small and ‘simple’ – with a Facebook page. [...]

11 Reasons You Need A Professional Business Website

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It is interesting that the business owners I meet even today, in the age of smartphones, tablets, and smart watches, still pose the question - "Why do I need a business website?" Having answered this question countless times, I finally decided to put pen to paper - digitally. A Merrill Research survey in 2013 showed that [...]