Search Engine Optimization

Generate unpaid, targeted traffic from search engines like Google to your website with high rankings on search engines for valuable keywords.
  • We do an initial audit of your website also includes competitive analysis and keyword research that allows us to create a solid strategy for achieving success quickly
  • We run on-page optimization for your website and set up internal linking
  • We create landing pages for each valuable keyword and optimize it
  • Every month, we do link building and reach out for backlinks for ranking growth
  • We also develop content around long tail keywords that further boost your valuable keyword rank
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Our SEO Process


Project Brief

We need to have a clear idea of your business goals and information about your company for a complete overview of the project.

SEO Audit

Based on the business goals from Project Brief and results of the SEO Audit, we come up with potential keywords to target.

Keyword Reasearch

We give recommendations on improving the website’s user experience through its navigation options.

Competitive Analysis

Run an analysis of the website to see where it stands currently based on website analytics and other factors.

Information Architecture

Based on identified keywords, we check out your competition in the space.


Our strategy phase would create a comprehensive outline of the project with measurable goals and deliverables.

On-Site Strategy

An actionable plan to optimize your website for search engines

Off-Site Strategy

Determine potential cross-industries, partners & influencers to target for link-building based on the project timeline

Content Strategy

Create a content schedule and outreach plan for each piece of content

Determining KPIs

Determine short term and long term goals for campaign evaluation

On-Site Optimization

Content Adjustments

Update the website content based on the content strategy to consistently target keywords identified in the keyword research.

Technical Adjustments

Based on On-Site Strategy, update the website codebase for technical items such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, meta descriptions, internal linking etc.

Content Marketing

Content Creation

Follow the content strategy to create useful content regularly.

Social Media

Share content on social media and bookmarking channels

Partner Outreach (extra)

Contact potential partners to do guest posting on their platforms to generate good backlinks.

PR (extra)

Use press releases to spread information about the client and increase exposure.

Reporting & Tweaking

Monthly Report

Receive a monthly overview of results – goals, metrics, tasks completed and plans for forthcoming month.

Quarterly Review & Tweak

Update the project based on 3-month results.

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Why Choose Us for SEO

Only White-Hat Techniques

No shortcuts. No short term benefits for long term pain. We follow best practices and ensure results.

Tried & Tested Cutting Edge Practices

We are constantly learning new methods AND we test them out on our own online portals before we recommend them to clients. What you get is tried and tested ways of achieving results.

User Experience Not Affected by SEO

While trying to improve your SEO rankings, we make sure that your visitor user experience remains top notch. SEO, while important, will never compromise your visitor experience.

Always Delivering More

We never leave opportunities hanging. If there’s a way to push your SEO further, we will do it.

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