9 New Year’s Resolutions To Generate Revenue and Generate Leads Through Your Website

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Long last, your website, after months of working with web developers and incurring expenses, is finally up and live. You pat yourself on the back for a job well done and wait for the customers to flock to begin generating some revenue. Except, they do not. Your website is not gaining any new visitors as weeks [...]

Turn Visitors To Customers With Conversion Funnels

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Bringing your business online is a big step and for any business, this decision is motivated by business objectives that are unique to each. For any business, including yours, there will be business objectives that lead to a decision to create a business website. However, all of these objectives eventually lead to the same end – [...]

Guide To Web Analytics – Track Your Business Growth

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These days, plenty of companies are savvy to the importance of having a business website. Most even have an online presence. If you’re one of these businesses, that’s great! Simply creating an online presence, however, isn’t going to drive business growth. In the same way that you have set up a cash register in your brick-and-mortar [...]

Hosting And Domain Name Setup In Under 5 Minutes

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Web hosting can be daunting even for the savviest of business owners. A lot of times, we find ourselves working with clients who have existing websites that they do not quite understand. Typically, a website that was paid for eons ago will probably work, but it desperately needs an upgrade to work on the mobile devices [...]