Brand Storytelling in a Nutshell

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As children, our parents used storytelling to put some colour on simple life lessons. As a result, we remembered these lessons well and kept them in our hearts and mind. Content marketing professionals also use storytelling to bring life to a brand and consider it as one of the main components of a content marketing approach. [...]

Effective Web Design Principles – Visual Hierarchy

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You, me, and billions of other people rely on the Internet as the first source of information. Despite the sheer number of people who go online every day, websites are still in a fierce competition for traffic. Website owners try to remain at the top by producing quality content, developing cut-edge marketing strategies, and of course, [...]

Five Clever Ways Companies Are Using Neuromarketing To Influence Customers

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Neuromarketing is a term that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years. But somehow, the exact definition of neuromarketing seems unclear. For me, the best way to define neuromarketing is that it scientifically studies the brain to benefit marketing. For example, medical technologies like brain scanning and brain activity measurements are used to [...]

Does Speed Really Matter? A Comprehensive Guide To Make WordPress Faster

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Let’s start by traveling back to a time when Google and Yahoo! were still evenly matched. Imagine Google’s clean homepage were to take 10 seconds to load, while the Yahoo! homepage loaded in 2 seconds. Do you think Google would be the top search engine in the world today? Speed matters - you have 8.25 seconds [...]

3 Ways To Self-Learn Content Marketing

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Have you had a conversation with your digital marketing agency about content marketing lately? You probably encountered topics you do not quite understand. Sure, you understand that content marketing is important for your digital strategy, but how much do you really know? When it comes to content marketing, you have to research your audience, create an [...]

5 Customer-Centric Approaches That Makes Sense

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Marketers of today face many dilemmas – customers are going mobile, more demanding, and less loyal. The industry leaders have started embracing customer-centricity as a vital way to grow their companies and strategies that are more customer-driven in place of the more traditional business or product-driven ones. However, it is not as simple as putting the customer at [...]

13 Thoughts On The Rapidly Changing Asian Consumer Goods Industry

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The year has passed by quickly, and new budgets, organisation changes, and rapid digital innovation that may disrupt many big businesses are already out there. There were some drastic changes in the consumer goods industry in 2016. AB-Inbev took over SAB Miller for a merger of more than US$100 billion, making them now the largest beer company [...]

Ranking On The 1st Page Of Google – An SEO Case Study

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Background Nearing the end of March 2017 at 2Stallions, we realised that we had failed to “walk-the-talk” for search engine optimization (SEO). Despite offering SEO services in Singapore to many happy clients, our own website’s presence on Google for keywords was lacking. Most keywords were on the 2nd page and beyond, with none ranking on the 1st [...]

Why Your Company Needs To Invest In Content Marketing

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People visit your website because of two things: it is either they are looking for information to add to their research of a product or service, or they are looking for information to urge them to make a purchase. Targeted content help steer customers into sales funnels, which is why more than 85 percent of brands [...]

PAssionArts 2017 – Using creative designs to bring the community together

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It has been a year since our designs adorned the facade of two HDB apartment blocks at Telok Blangah Constituency. We were thrilled to get the opportunity to contribute to the PAssionArts Festival once again. The theme for the PAssionArts Festival 2017 was “Arts of Wonder, One Nation.” Our brief was to conceptualize designs that would befit [...]